Q'ero Style Mesa/Mestana Cloth - 29" X 19"

$ 130.00

Q'ero Style Mesa/Mestana Cloth - $130

29" X 19" 

Vintage Q'ero style, hand-woven alpaca and natural dyes from the Andes, Peru. This is open for the head; it is a Ponchito, but can be closed very easily and be used as a Mesa cloth. It has one minor stain. Good condition.

The Andean people use these Mesa/Mestana cloths in their Shamanic practices and Ceremony. 

Please note that the photo with the Mesas, Shipibo Rattles, and watanas/ties are for display; they may not be available if sold. However, there are more available. Each one is unique.  

Ask about:

Tie/Watana to compliment your Mesa. $25 each

Small Shipibo Rattles: $17

Large Shipibo Rattles: $27

SKU: MCA0046

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