Skirt: Tehuana Huipil Traje

$ 500.00

Skirt: Vintage Tehuana Huipil Traje - $500

31.5" Waist, 26.5" L, 103" Circumference of Hem

Multi Colored Flowers on Black Velvet Base

This one of a kind, hand embroidered skirt is taken from a traje (huipil and skirt set) which is worn by the women of Oaxaca (Tehuanas) on special occasions, and in ceremony. Frida Kahlo often wore these colorful garments to honor the traditional hand crafts of indigenous Mayan women.

Bordado (satin stitch embroidery) is considered to be the most time-consuming technique of the various types of embroidery found on Tehuana huipiles.

You'll be stunning in this statement piece at your next evening event, wedding, gallery opening, or Frida themed occasion.

This skirt is easily paired with a cami, or an off the shoulder top. For a sassy look, try it with a black bustier. You could even wear it with a black turtle neck. Complete your look with boots, a concho belt, and turquoise jewelry.

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