Huipil Tehuana - 22" W x 20" L

$ 250.00

Vintage Tehuana Huipil - $250

22" W x 20" L 

Yellow and black Cadenilla embroidery on red satin, no flowers 

This vintage style Cadenilla huipil is made with a foot peddled Singer chain-stitch sewing machine. It was popularized by Frida Kahlo who often wore these colorful garments to honor the traditional hand crafts of indigenous Mayan women. 

This huipil presents particularly intricate Cadenilla stitching. 

A small opening has been made at the front of the neck, finished by hand with a whip stitch, in order to accommodate a variety of sizes. See photo.

This huipil is open on the sides. It can be worn open, or easily closed to be worn in the more traditional manner.

These hand embroidered, one of a kind huipiles (blouses) are worn by he women of Oaxaca (Tehuanas) both as daily wear, on special occasions, and in ceremony. 

Express your own style. Rock it with jeans and boots, looks great with pencil skirt, broomstick skirt, capris, even a business suit. Perfect for an evening event, or casual afternoon outing.

Please note that the photo with the headpiece is for display; it may not be available if sold. However, there are more available. Each one is unique.


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