La Poncha

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South of the border men wear ponchos and women wear shawls…. So what do you call a poncho that is made specificity for a woman? Well, La Poncha™ of course!

Most of these are re-created from hand made, embroidered, and woven shawls and skirts from around the world. La Poncha's™ beautifully unique design not only provides slenderizing and elongating effects as it creates a diagonal line across the body, but it also allows for a wide range of motion. Making it both fashionable and functional!  

You can wear it to any event as a fashion piece or just to keep the chill off your shoulders… chicly of course. Sally Moon, American Couture, was donning the first La Poncha™ before she branded the name. Pictured to the left is her first La Poncha™ which comes from a traditional Peruvian skirt. She wears her La Ponchas™ with leggings, jeans, and her custom leather designed skirts.

La Poncha™ hand woven cotton with "jaspe" or ikat... an art of dying the yarn so it makes figures when woven.

La Poncha™ de Peru.

We have around 15 unique La Ponchas™ in stock.  We are in the process of getting them all on line. These are also sold in store at the W!ld Moon Boutique™ Where the W!ld WoMan Shops!

Buy Your La Poncha™ here!