Leather Couture

Sally Moon – American Couture™ created her first leather bag in May 1995. Pictured above, she is “rocking” the first piece she made for herself, Sauvage!™ twenty years ago!

All her leather designs are completely hand made in the W!ld Moon Couture™ Design House & Showroom in Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The W!ld Moon Couture™ House takes great pride in creating unique, one-of-a-kind, Wearable Art. The craftsmanship is superb with a great attention to detail.

Sally Moon wakes up with inspiration, she sees what to create next; letting the leather talk to her and it is through this relationship that the Xochitl™, Pure Tribalist™ and Sauvage™ Wearable Art Collections were conceived and propagated. These Collections are on exhibit at the W!ld Moon Couture™ Showroom.

W!ld Moon Couture™ is dedicated to create and provide the world quality leather couture wearable-art, guided always by integrity, excellence, and beauty.
American Couture, Sally Moon

W!ld Moon Couture™ creates customer leather apparel and bags. You can order custom skirts, bags, and shawls on line, however, it is best to communicate with Sally Moon to discuss all the variables in creating your desired Wearable Art piece.

We also design couture leather jackets, vest, tops, dresses, and pants all of which can be made to order and can require multiple fittings.

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Contact US HERE.  Or call the W!ld Moon Couture™ office (01) is the country code for calls outside USA 505.247.2475. New Mexico is in the Mountain Time Zone.