Mud Cloth Mali - La Poncha

$ 100.00

Mud Cloth Mali - La Poncha - $100

Condition: New, pre-washed

Material: 100% Cotton - Handwoven

22" W  x  65" L

Fit: One size loose fitting

This is part of our new indigo La Poncha Collection! We create La Ponchas, a feminine small poncho that one wears diagonally, which is very flattering. They are designed so that you can easily perform any function while wearing one. A slit is left open so your dominant hand is free, making them very practical.

Light on the body, this La Poncha will keep you cozy and comfortable on a cool, damp evening or a sunny afternoon. Easy to dress up or down, it will make a versatile and practical addition to your collection. The natural, organic beauty of this hand-made textile is perfect to wear in ceremony. In fact, it can work for any occasion, from the office to the opera. This earthy textile is great to take to outdoor events too. Wrap up in it to sit around the fire or fold it up and use it as a cushion. The uses are endless.

Achieving a beautiful balance of masculine and feminine energies, mud cloth from Mali is first hand-woven by men in long strips which are then sewn together. After that, the women add the creative designs. These designs are achieved through a time intensive process involving the fermenting of vegetation used to soften the fabric, followed by the application of various kinds of natural clay to create the designs and colors. The patterns reflect meaningful symbols, some of which are considered sacred. The Bamana people of Mali wear this textile in various important ceremonies.

Please note that the jewelry in some of the photos is not included with purchase of the La Poncha, but can be purchased separately if still available.

Because these items are hand-crafted by local artisans using traditional techniques, slight variations may occur. Note that colors may vary according to each display monitor.

Please feel free to contact Sally with any questions.


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