La Poncha - Guatemala - Vintage

$ 150.00

La  Poncha - Guatemala $150

Condition: Vintage, in very good condition

Material: Cotton

Fit: Small to medium 52"L x 21.5"W

This La Poncha, a feminine small poncho that one wears diagonally, which is very flattering, is designed so that you can easily perform any function while wearing one. I leave a slit open so your dominant hand is free, making them very practical. This La Poncha was redesigned from a shawl/rebozo, and is made with a handwoven textile, woven on a backstrap loom. The weaving technique used to create this pattern is called "Jaspe", in which the pattern is dyed into the threads before they are woven. It is edged with lush, jewel-toned pompoms which served as  a counterweight to keep shawl in place when draped over the shoulder on the original shawl.

SKU: APW91001

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