Handwoven - Zipper Bag

$ 10.00

 Handwoven Upcycled Cortes - Zipper Bag - Guatemala - $10

 Bag: 8" W x 6.5" L

 Condition: New

This upcycled bag is made from a cortes/skirt, which is worn by Mayan women of Guatemala, usually paired with a huipil (handwoven top). Each huipil displays woven and embroidered designs distinctive to the specific village or area where it was made. Generally speaking cortes and huipiles are hand woven on a back-strap loom in cotton.

This durable bag is a convenient size, great for a wide variety of items such as make-up, phone charger, checkbook, phone, keys, etc.

Because these items are hand-crafted by local artisans using traditional techniques, slight variations may occur. Note that colors may vary according to each display monitor.

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SKU: BGA0021

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