Xochitl "Apu" - Poncho-Cape with Leather Fringe SOLD

$ 1,800.00 $ 3,000.00

AS SEEN IN COWBOYS & INDIANS, The Premire Magazaine of the West, October 2015 Issue. Special Promotion price $1,800 for September and October 2015 ONLY. 

Xochitl™ "Apu" - Poncho-Cape is part of the Xochitl™ Wearable Art Collection. Xochitl means flower in the Aztec language of Nahuatl. 

This striking vintage handwoven alpaca mestana (a large ceremonial cloth made in two panels) from the Peruvian Andes, was ReDesigned™ into this striking poncho-cape. The mestana is woven in the distinctive Q'ero style. We added 7" deerskin denim colored fringe. The fringe was cut intentionally to lay perfectly as it falls at an angle from the lower hem front and back.

We topped it off with a hand-embroidered blue flower serving as a clasp to keep it closed. Also on the back is a pink Xochitl beaded flower.  The hand embroidered flowers are from traditional clothing in southern Mexico.

It measures 14" from shoulder to hem without fringe (add 7" for the fringe.)  Each panel measures 17.5" from neck to outside shoulder. The panels crossover on the back and the front. 

This is Wearable Art; it can be hung on the wall or worn. Please keep in mind the measurements, on a tall person, this may be a little short depending on your "style." 


High up in the Andean mountains of Peru lives a small community of farmers, weavers and medicine people known as the Q’ero. Their main philosophy is to practise “Ayni,” which means living in reciprocity, balance and harmony with the Earth, with nature and with each other. Ayni is the practice of giving before taking, of fairness.

The Q’ero follow the shamanic way of seeing the Divine in everything, whether it be a blossom, river, rock, animal, or indeed another person, hence they treat everything and everyone with respect and reverence. They have the ability to summon up and receive direct communication, wisdom and healing guidance from the “Apu” the spirits of the Holy Mountains.


This one is SOLD, however, you can have your own custom made poncho-cape (subject to mestanas available) with options of length of fringe, or use of flowers. 

Does not include the leather scarf. 

Denim blue deerskin belt bag with Xochitl flower is available $575.

Denim blue ReDesigned™ boar skin suede pants with denim blue deerskin lacing and 7" fringe on outer side seams bottom 12" from hem. Size 8 (runs small) $850.

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