Huipil Chichicastenanga, Guatemala - 34" W x 26" L

$ 125.00

Huipil, Chichicastenanga, Guatemala - $125

34" W x 26" L 

White base with geometric motif

Front neck opening

Very good condition

Designs on huipiles from Chichicastenanga (affectionately known as Chichi) carry cosmological references. The distinctive sun pattern around the neck is a cosmological reference, placing the wearer at the center of the universe. From there four design fields radiate outward signifying the cardinal directions. Designs often include flowers and birds, and in more contemporary huipiles, geometrics.

Huipil pronounced Wee Peel; plural is We Peel Less

Huipiles are hand woven and worn by the indigenous women of Guatemala. Each huipil displays woven and embroidered designs distinctive to the specific village or area where it was made.

The women wear them proudly. The design of each huipil can identify her individual personality and the village she is from, as well as her marital, social, wealth, and religious status. They can take months to weave.

Generally speaking they are hand woven on a back-strap loom in cotton or rayon. They range from one, two, and three panels sewn together. Some villages make them very short (18” in length) and very wide while others villages make them longer and in varying widths.

The Maya women wear them tucked into their skirt called a “corte” and wear a wide sash over the top of the skirt.

Express your own style. Rock it with jeans and boots, looks great with pencil skirt, broomstick skirt, capris, even a business suit. Perfect for an evening event, or casual afternoon outing.

Because these items are hand-crafted by local artisans using traditional techniques, slight variations may occur. Note that colors may vary according to each display monitor.


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