Navajo Sterling Silver, Barber Half Dollar, and Spiny Oyster Pendant by Betty Yellowhorse

$ 900.00

Native American Navajo Pendant by Betty Yellowhorse - $900

PENDANT:  2" Diameter

BAIL:  1/2" L

CONDITION: Vintage, Never Worn

This unique pendant, handmade by renowned Navajo artist Betty Yellowhorse, showcases a 1908 Barber half dollar, presented obverse. This coin is mounted on a sterling silver backing and surrounded by six spiny oyster cabochons interspersed with silver ornamentation. The back of the pendant bears Yellowhorse's signature hallmark, proving its authenticity.

Betty Yellowhorse is an accomplished silver smith, working in the rich Navajo tradition. She is known for incorporating beautiful old coins into her jewelry. Working with silver coins in jewelry is a practice which points to a time before the use of sheet silver and bezel wire, and so coin work taps the deepest roots of tradition in Navajo silver jewelry making. Betty Yellowhorse jewelry is imbued with the richness and beauty of this lineage, not only through traditional techniques and designs, but also by incorporating the long history held in such old coins. 

The Barber half dollar, named for the lead designer of the U.S. mint, Charles Barber, features a more modern version of Lady Liberty. This image, which appeared on dimes, quarters, and half dollars, was only in circulation for 24 years (1982-1915). These coins represent the last time the U.S. mint released a series of coins all bearing the same image. The 1908 half dollar is far more scarce than those of 1906, 1907, or 1909. This coin is 90% silver.

Because these items are hand-crafted by local artisans using traditional techniques, slight variations may occur. Note that colors may vary according to each display monitor.


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