"Pony" Deerskin Hand-laced with Pony Beads - Poncho

$ 1,500.00

"Pony" from the Pure Tribalist ~ Wearable Art Collection:

Tan deerskin poncho with hand-tied fringe with turquoise colored pony beads. It was made from one hide and the neckline is a natural hole that Sally designed around. She bought this hide a few years ago and knew it was going to be something special. She waited until the time was just right. She listened to this hide and it told her what it wanted to be! 

W!ld Moon Couture creates custom design apparel and bags. You can have your own deerskin poncho custom made for you with your choice of color. Less complex ponchos using up to two (2) hides range around $600 - $900, which includes hand-tied fringe or hand cut fringe and/or hand-lacing. Price increases with more details… more hides, hand-cut feathers, inlaid stones, accessory, collar, etc. , 

We have some very simple Ponchos one (1) deerskin hide with no lacing nor adornments added, for $175. They are generally smaller and fit smaller frame bodies. Please inquiry for photos. They sell very quickly and they are not online. 

Each animal and hide are thanked, blessed and honored in the Native American way.

Please contact Sally for questions and information at 01-505 247-2475 W!ld Moon Boutique office. (New Mexico is in Mountain Time) or text 505.610.8387

E-Mail: WildMoonMarketplace@gmail.com

Sally Moon, American Couture - Walk On The W!ld Side In Beauty!

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