26 Year Anniversary May 21, 2015 15:40


ALBUQUERQUE MAY 21, 2021:  It was a hot August night in 1965 when Sally Moon climbed a ladder to the roof of her family’s home in Compton, California. What she witnessed was a red sky, created by flames of nearby businesses burning to the ground. It was the Watt’s Riots in south Los Angeles, City of Angels.

Just 17 years old, Sally’s life was in total flux; she graduated high school in June, married in July, and was pregnant. What goes through a young woman’s mind as she stands there paralyzed in the present—the unknown? Could she possibly imagine that 30 years later she would be sitting on the hill, gazing at Mt. Shasta during the Summer Solstice—praying for a “vision”?

In June 1995, after giving up a life in corporate America, Sally embarked upon a Vision Quest Ceremony, four days without food or water praying for a vision, guidance, or perhaps a glimpse into what the future might hold. On the third day, she “saw” herself in a boutique fitting a woman in a leather dress. This was totally mind-boggling to her because only a month earlier she had made her first leather bag for her Sacred Pipe/Chanupa. Sally was busily preparing for the release of her new leather fashion designs for the Sauvage! Salon Show last fall; she was fitting one of her models in an Egyptian blue lamb suede dress and had a flash of her “vision,” just as clear as it was at Mt. Shasta. This realization validated her experience and confirmed an even deeper trust in her visions and her purpose.

Sally Moon honors and blesses all the hides she uses which are mostly deer, lamb, and elk. She receives inspiration from dreams, visions, and listening to the leather talk to her—telling her what it wants to become. She loves designing and is filled with joy with every piece she creates. Every aspect of the process is done by hand in the Couture House. Sally personally signs and blesses each piece, turning it into an honored piece of Wearable Art.

When asked about her life’s journey from an overwhelmed 17-year-old to the self-made designer and entrepreneur she is today, Sally responded candidly: “Looking back at myself standing on top of that roof and looking at the realities of my environment, I recognize now, that it was a pivotal turning point for me. I was driven by the events of that day to be exactly where I am today. Every milestone in my life has taught me, strengthened me, and given me the courage to take leaps of faith and follow my heart with passion. I truly believe, ‘Everything is Perfect and in Divine Order!’ We need only walk in
beauty and realize our destiny.”

Today, Sally Moon, American Couture, owns the W!ld Moon Boutique™—Where the W!ld WoMan Shops! and W!ld Moon Couture™—Design House & Showroom located across from each other in the quaint Patio Market courtyard in Old Town Albuquerque.

Sally Moon