Xochitl "Finale" - White Deerskin Shawl

$ 18,000.00

Xochitl "Finale" - White Deerskin Shawl is part of the Xochitl™ Wearable Art Collection.

This luscious deer skin shawl was created entirely by hand. It is designed to drape and flow over the body with long fringe adding movement and flair. The hand embroidered and beaded flowers add color and texture to this striking one of a kind shawl.  This wearable art piece is distinguishable by its natural edges, which is a trademark of the Sally Moon, American Couture™ design.

Xochitl, means flower in the Aztec language of Nahuatl. The hand embroidered flowers used in this shawl are from traditional clothing in southern Mexico. Each of the eleven flowers have been beaded locally to add an accent of color, texture, and beauty. The yellow center flower on the back has 20 hours of beading on the hand embroidery. The fringe is 2 feet long. 

You can have your own deerskin shawl made custom for you in your desired color, length of fringe, or flowers. The simplest version without hand embroidered flowers, starts at $1,500. 

Check out our YouTube videos of Leather Couture! Sauvage! Past ~ Present ~ Future Salon Show

Each animal and hide are thanked, blessed and honored in the Native American way.

Please contact Sally for questions and information at 01-505 247-2475 W!ld Moon Boutique office or text 505.610.8387


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