Q'ero Style Mesa/Mestana Cloth - 16.75" X 17"

$ 125.00

Q'ero Style Mesa/Mestana Cloth - $125

16.75" X 17"

Condition: Vintage

Q'ero style, hand-woven alpaca and natural dyes from the Andes, Peru. Has been used in Ceremony. The weaving depicts traditional, symbolic figures. 

Generally, cloths with tassels are called Despacho Cloths. They are also used as a Mesa Cloth. The smaller cloths can also be used as a liner for your Mesa/Mestana. The top and bottom edges are covered with a binding, providing a durable finish. 

The Andean people use these Mesa/Mestana cloths in their Shamanic practices and Ceremony. 

Can be used as decor in your home or office, adding warmth, texture, and culture.

Please note that the photo with the Mesas, Shipibo Rattles, and watanas/ties are for display; they may not be available if sold. However, there are more available. Each one is unique.

Because these items are hand-crafted by local artisans using traditional techniques, slight variations may occur. Note that colors may vary according to each display monitor.

Ask about:

Tie/Watana to compliment your Mesa. $25 each

Tie/Watana - Fringe to compliment your Mesa. $25 each

Small Shipibo Rattles: $17

Large Shipibo Rattles: $27

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