Xochitl™ Shoulder Bag - Malibu (#001)

$ 4,000.00

Deep Sea Blue Deerskin Lined with Burgundy Lamb Suede.

Adorned with Hand Embroidered Fuchsia Xochitl™ / Flower.

Malibu #001 has 3 pockets, one on the front, a hidden one on the back that is accessable from the inside, and  the main pocket which can accomodate a 16" drum with 2" depth. It has 2 sterling silver pocket closures and 12" fringe. 

Xochitl Malibu was the spark of the entire Xochitl Wearable Art Collection. 

Designed and Hand Made in Old Town Albuquerque, NM, USA. 

Signed and numbered by Sally Moon, American Couture.

SKU: Xochitl #001

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